Murray's Cheese, a staple in Greenwich Village since 1940, has been slicing up, runny, artisanal, handmade, local and organic cheeses to throngs of devoted customers. Over the years their business has expanded across a broad range of channels but all the while remaining true to their Bleecker Street roots.

Role: As a contract Art Director I worked with Murray's owner and management to fulfill all of Murray’s marketing and design needs from 2005-2011. Projects included private label packaging, identity, gift catalogs, store signage, seasonal promotions, e-commerce website, email campaigns as well as many other miscellaneous branding projects.

Savory to Sweet

Murray's wanted a private label sweets line so Murray's Munchies was born. I designed the identity and packaging for the treats sold in Murray's Bleecker Street store.

The Perfect Pairing

What goes better than meat and cheese! When Murray's came to me to help them brand their endeavor into the world of artisinal meats the challenge was how to keep the essencence of the Murray's brand while establishing a unique idenity for their new shop, Real Salami, in Grand Central Market. The project included designing a logo, bags, scale labels, signage, butcher paper and uniforms.